David Bomberg’s Lost Legacy: A Master Painter and His Students

Discover the power of one of the most passionate, pugnacious and underappreciated painters in twentieth-century Britain. Neglected for much of his lifetime, David Bomberg (1890-1957) has only recently been rightfully celebrated with exhibitions at galleries across the country. This hour-long talk explores what it in his painting that touches a nerve today as much as it did for the talented group of artists who studied with him. From Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff to Dennis Creffield, Bomberg’s passion and craft revived the British tradition of expressive naturalism and created a visual language that remains very much alive today.


Tate’s entries for David Bomberg and a selection of students, including: Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, Dorothy Mead, Cliff Holden, Dennis Creffield, and Gustav Metzger

ArtUK’s list of works and galleries for David Bomberg and a selection of students, including: Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, Dorothy Mead, Cliff Holden, Dennis Creffield, Cliff Holden, Dinora Mendelson, Miles Richmond, and Leslie Marr

The Sarah Rose Collection: online gallery (Borough Road Gallery, London South Bank University), plus other archival and unpublished resources

Frank Auerbach: Marlborough Gallery

Leon Kossoff: Mitchell-Innes & Nash,  Annely Juda Fine Art, and Piano Nobile

David Bomberg, Leon Kossoff and Leslie Marr at Piano Nobile

David Bomberg, Dorothy Mead, Cliff Holden, Dennis Creffield at Waterhouse and Dodd

Roy Oxlade: Alison Jacques Gallery

Miles Richmond’s Personal Website and Gallery of Works

Cliff Holden’s Personal Website (including online Memoir)


Short articles by Kate:

  • Kate Aspinall, ‘Leader among Equals: The School of Bomberg and Art School Reform’, published online with Borough Road Gallery (April 2016)
  • Kate Aspinall, ‘Mark of the Times: Charcoal and the Borough Group’, published online with Borough Road Gallery (January 2016)
  • Kate Aspinall, ‘Style Cults & the School of Thick Paint’, contribution to ‘Art by the Many’, Conversation Piece coordinated by Thomas Crow and published online in British Art Studies, 7 (30 Nov 2017)

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